Decoding the Narrative: Using Machine Learning to Uncover Trends in News Coverage of Police Use of Force

“We shall assume that what each man [believes] is based not on direct and certain knowledge, but on pictures…given to him.” - Lippmann, 1922 Media Narratives of Police Use-of-Force What do we know about media coverage of police use-of-force and its effect on public opinion?

Don't Forget the Good with the Bad and the Ugly: Topic Modeling a Policing Commission Listening Session

Following the summer of civil unrest in 2020, one capital city in the western US (like many other cities around the country) formed a Racial Equity in Policing Commission. According to the city’s administration, the commission was formed to examine the police department’s policies, culture, and budget.

Fleeing Police: Evaluating and Forecasting Police Turnover

Key Findings A significant increase in officer resignations occurred mid-2020, well beyond what the previous 5-year trend can explain. A similar rise in retirements was not indicated. A causal impact analysis suggests that the increase in resignations was caused by the circumstances experienced locally following the death of George Floyd at the end of May 2020.

Policing in a Pandemic: How Pracademics and Data can Help

This blog post was originally posted on the website for the Police Practice & Research journal and can be viewed here. Introduction The COVID-19 pandemic is a public health emergency that has drawn on for an extended period.

Police Twitter Rhetoric post George Floyd: Differences by Party in the US Senate

Introduction Following the death of George Floyd while in police custody on May 25th 2020, protests and riots spread across the United States. Over the following months, politicians weighed in on Floyd’s death, policing, and ideas regarding police reform.